Romwe: What’s Your Favorite?

Hey girls,
V-am tot aratat zilele trecute pe facebook cateva tinute de la Romwe. Asa ca m-am gandit sa le pun in ordinea care imi plac si sa va intreb care este tinuta voastra preferata dintre cele 7. 
I’ve been showing you the past few days some outfits from Romwe. So i decided to put them in the order i like and ask you wich from the 7 you like the most.

1. Printed Leggings – my favorite one, i just love this kind of leggings!

2. Denim Shorts – thats my 2nd favorite outfit πŸ˜€

3. Scenic Painting Print Umbrella Skirt – love this kind of skirts πŸ˜‰

4. Bohemian Style Batwing Coat – so colorful :X

5. Crimson Metallic Skirt – i like this with a white shirt!

6. ο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»ΏOversized Denim Coat – not one of may favorites, but i like to see it on someone else πŸ˜€

7. Fake Leather Strap Top – not really my style πŸ™‚

Whats your favorite ?

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8 Comment

  1. 2 denim shorts <3

    1. yep, sunt frumosi :0

  2. 3+5, fustele sunt atat de frumoase

    1. 5 nu e chiar pe placul meu, dar 3 si mie imi place

    1. indeed <3

  3. Pantalonii scurti denim shorts (2) imi plac si geaca de blugi (6) oversized denim coat e super…

    1. dap, pantalonii scurti sunt ft tari si gecuta e draguta πŸ™‚

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